Campus safety is something that has become increasingly important over the years.

Most college students are in a new environment where they are on their own for the first time and are now fully responsible for their own safety. Building off our previous blog on staying safe while walking alone at night, the team at Whistles for Life decided to make a video on campus safety and how to stay safe from crime. Filmed on the campus of the University of Washington, this video demonstrates four crucial tips that are recommended for every person on campus to keep out of harm’s way and to consciously place themselves in situations that are less susceptible to crime.

Many college and universities now offer more options to ensure the protection of their students, and being aware of these resources and utilizing them has great benefits. Find out if your school offers any safety escort services. For example, the University of Washington has the “Husky NightWalk” program, a service where a uniformed security guard will provide a walking escort for students and staff to nearby locations. Many campuses also now offer emergency alert notification services delivered directly to your mobile device. Make sure you sign up with your cell phone and email and get notified about emergencies on your campus. Finally, know if your campus has outdoor alert systems or outdoor emergency phones, and map out where they are located. These are incredibly useful because they will immediately draw attention to your situation and call the authorities to your location in a matter of minutes.

To learn more, watch the video below.

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