As a company founded by a safety professional with experience in the fields of military, law enforcement, and search and rescue, we at Whistles for Life™ understand the importance of personal safety and the need to protect it.

Our product is a tool that is regularly used for crime prevention and self-defense, and numerous universities, police departments, hospitals, local communities, and others around the country utilize Whistles for Life™ in their campus or community safety programs.

One of the ways that our whistles are used to support safety programs or to enhance the personal safety of any community, is through the implementation of a whistle defense program. Whistle defense programs work towards creating an atmosphere for campuses and communities where people do not fear personal harm or property theft.

Therefore, we wanted to provide an outline with some key advantages and guidelines to consider when looking to start a whistle defense program within your campus, organization, or community. Access our guide by clicking the link below.

Whistle defense program guide

Additionally, if you would like to learning some important personal safety tips for walking alone at night, check out this video.

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