Most communities throughout the world have people with commonalities in both interests and behaviors. Whether it’s all cheering for the same sports team, shopping at the local grocery store, or even something as simple as greeting the same mailman each day. Why not throw in caring about the safety of the community?

Last month, some of our team attended the Construction Safety Day Expo in Puyallup, Washington. This was an event right in our backyard that focused on safety within the construction industry. There were hundreds of people there from all over the state of Washington; taking safety classes, learning about the latest safety gear, and collaborating with fellow community members about the best practices in construction safety. It was pretty amazing to see so many people caring about the safety of their teams, as well as the safety of their community as a whole.

We were honored to be a part of such a positively influential event, and inspired by the sense of true camaraderie when it came to safety. Although the focus was primarily specific to construction safety, the overall message and attitude went beyond that. We need to look out for each other as humans, and ensure we do everything in our power to make sure sure those around us are empowered when it comes to their personal safety and the safety of those they love.

One big takeaway from the Construction Safety Day Expo was that many safety tools and equipment are not necessarily needed unless there is an actual accident or emergency that requires them; however, you better hope you have one when you need one. That couldn’t be more true when it comes to safety whistles. A safety whistle is one of the cheapest insurance policies you can buy, and could truly save your life someday. It’s even an insurance policy that doesn’t limit you to just being able to protect your family. Give one to your neighbor, your coworker, the local butcher, your plumber….the list goes on.

Caring about safety in your community isn’t a requirement, yet it’s important and should not be overlooked. As a safety whistle company, we truly care about safety and we plan to continue to be involved with events in our community that promote safety like the Construction Safety Day Expo. We hope to see YOU there as well!


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