We’ve found that a safety whistle is a valuable, life-saving tool across a wide range of industries, but being an essential tool for a mycologist is a new one for us. Being based in the Pacific Northwest, we are familiar with the fact that mushroom hunting becomes a common adventure for mycologists and mushroom enthusiasts from late Spring into Fall. This is due to the mild, moist climate of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is actually “home to the Puget Sound Mycological Society (PSMS), the country’s biggest organization for mushroom enthusiasts,” according to an article in the Seattle Times written by Tantri Wija.

Kim Traverse, former PSMS president, claims that while hunting for mushrooms in the wilderness, whistles are “an essential safety tool.” This is because many mycologists have their heads down as they remain focused on their mushroom hunting, easily allowing them to get lost or separated. We truly believe there are endless scenarios where a whistle could save your life, and now we can confidently add mushroom hunting to that list! So, if you are planning your own mushroom hunting adventure, make sure you pickup a safety whistle before you venture out.

Want to get into mushroom foraging without accidentally poisoning yourself? These Northwest experts can help.

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