When planning an outdoor adventure, make sure you’re prepared for any situation that may transpire. While every environment is unique and may require additional tools and knowledge to increase your chances of survival, these five basic survival tips below are a good start.

  1. Stay high stay dry: When crafting a survival plan, remember to take shelter in a location that is both away from water and on higher ground. It will not only keep you away from insects and animals but also make you easily traceable by rescuers in case of an emergency.
  2. Carry plenty of fire starters: There are a lot of unconventional fire starters that should be a part of your survival kit, such as hand-sanitizer, plastic water bottles, and magnifying glasses. Whether you want to cook food or dry your clothes, you can use heaps of paper and other kindles on top of large wood pieces to create a sizable fire.
  3. Pack water-purifying tablets: If you find yourself running low on water, try harvesting rainwater or water from the surrounding vegetation. If you are unable to do that, it is vital to carry water-purifying tablets to make any nearby water potable.
  4. Bring glow-sticks: Always have a glow-stick attached to your backpack and carry a couple of spare ones too. As a distinct light source, they are great for nighttime lighting and are easily identifiable by search parties and rescuers.
  5. Insulate or deflect heat: Aluminum sheets are great insulators to keep your shelter warm in the winter season. They can also be placed on the exterior of a shelter to deflect heat from within during the warmer months. Make sure to pack a few aluminum sheets whenever you plan a long outdoor trip.

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