It’s hard to imagine a situation more harrowing than coming face to face with a bear in your own backyard. It is almost impossible to imagine how we would react in the heat of the moment, but Whistles for Life gives you a proven, life-saving solution. In July of this year, a woman in Woodinville, WA used a Whistles for Life safety whistle to scare off a black bear that approached her while she was on a walk around her neighborhood. The 120-decibel sound output was frightening enough for the bear to deter it from advancing any further. This proves whistles are not just toys, they are powerful enough to convince the bear to retreat to where it came from.

The experience moved the women enough to buy more safety whistles and distribute them to her neighbors and others in her community. She urged everyone to keep them handy for any emergency such as her personal bear encounter. This experience helped show a community how valuable a safety whistle can be and will hopefully urge you to keep a safety whistle with you no matter where you are, because there is no telling when an emergency may occur.

Whistles for Life’s tri-powered whistle is a great start to emergency preparedness for any possible situation. To learn more about bear safety, visit the National Park Service website or contact your local branch.

Stay safe!

Woman encounters bear





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