Since millions of students and faculty call university campuses home every year, staying safe on campus is a top priority. With many of these students living on their own in an unfamiliar environment for the first time, making sure everyone is prepared for potential criminal activity is crucial.

We recently shared a video containing important tips for staying safe while on campus. Many of these tips, such as following alert systems, knowing the location of emergency phones, and paying close attention to your surroundings are helpful in being less susceptible to crime. But in the unfortunate event that you are put in an unsafe position on campus, having effective safety gear such as a safety whistle can help.

What makes safety whistles great campus safety tools?

Sound is the number one deterrent of criminal activity. When in perilous situations, we can often be paralyzed with fear and are unable to effectively scream for help. By having a 120-decibel safety whistle at the ready, you can ensure that you’re prepared for anything. Even in situations where yelling for help isn’t possible, if you can breathe, you can blow this whistle.

Safety whistles are also one of the safest ways to defend yourself. Other forms of personal defense devices don’t attract attention to the situation where help is needed. Also, whistles can’t be turned against you.

Small and compact, safety whistles can easily be clipped to jackets, backpacks, or keychains for easy access at any time.

How is the Whistles for Life safety whistle different?

The Whistles for Life safety whistle is compact yet powerful with a patented three-chambered design. One chamber has a waterproof pea that creates a loud, staccato sound, while the other two create omnidirectional sounds at different frequencies. The 120-decibel blast from one blow on this whistle is enough to easily and effectively call attention to any dangerous situation.

Whistles for Life whistles also have a domed jewel that can display your university’s logo or the logo of any on-campus organization. This jewel is covered by a self-healing, UV-resistant resin, keeping your logo pristine and ready to be proudly displayed for years to come.

Who is it ideal for?

The Whistles for Life safety whistle makes a great giveaway for any on-campus organization, faculty training, safety program, student orientation, or even for sale in a university store. Outfitting students and organizations with safety whistles ensures that they’re prepared for whatever may happen.

Whether you are a student or a university organization dedicated to keeping the student body safe, safety whistles can provide your school with security and protection.

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