California Self-Defense Consultants

“As a former law enforcement officer and current safety trainer to corporate managers and executives, I am pleased to endorse the Whistles for Life whistle as a life-saving tool. To reward attendees who enroll in my seminars, I distribute the whistles at the beginning of the session. The hands-free mouthpiece and lightweight design are attractive features, and several have commented that the wide range of colors is a definite plus.

As a martial arts instructor, I offer seminars and workshops. During training, I discuss the physiological response that occurs during stress and fear, and how the laryngeal reflex will prevent someone from screaming but they can still blow a whistle if they have it available. The fight-or-flight reaction (and even a panic attack) affects each of us differently depending on the degree of stress and how we handle it, and blowing a whistle just might be enough to get out of a bad situation.

I encourage everyone to consider adding resources to their toolbox, whether that means self-defense objects, enrolling in self-defense classes, or practicing daily situational awareness. Whistles for Life’s safety whistle can offer peace of mind for those who want to improve their overall safety.”

– Mark Withrow, California Self-Defense Consultants