U.S. Coast Guard

“As a boater with over 50 years of experience and holding a USCG Masters License, I’ve taught boating safety for state and national agencies as well as held my own hands-on seamanship classes. I came across your Whistles for Life product and can attest to the fact there is no finer product in its class, and none louder! I especially valued that it came with a clip easily attachable to life vests. I had received a supply of whistles that I handed out in class and encouraged everyone to attach one to each life vest. Almost everyone wanted four or more, but I had to limit to one per student and encouraged them to search for them in marine supply houses.

Now retired, I still volunteer with the Marine Unit of the local Sheriff’s Office, helping to educate boaters on safe and responsible boating.”

– Captain Raymond Hitney – Retired USCG Master 100 ton Near Shore