Customized to meet your needs

Whistles for Life can customize your whistle to fit the specific needs of your brand or program.

The domed jewel on the face of the whistle can be customized with your company’s name or logo. This branded label is made from a UV-resistant self-healing resin, which increases the durability and longevity of the jewel and will preserve and protect your logo from fading over time.

Whistles for Life can come in custom blister packaging for display in retail environments.

Whistles can be ordered in bulk or delivered with custom blister packaging for display in retail environments. The front of the packaging is printed in full color to further promote your brand, while the back is printed in grayscale to provide additional life-saving information.

Our tri-power whistles are available in a variety of colors, including Safety Orange, Neon Green, Yellow, Pink, Fire Engine Red, Forest Green, Blue, Plum, Purple, and Black.

If you’re interested in seeing how your custom whistle will look, we can provide you with a free digital prototype of your whistle.