If you can be heard, you can be rescued

Whistles for Life’s tri-power safety whistle is designed to give you the best chance for survival in a disaster or life-threatening situation. If you are lost or stranded in the wilderness, you could go days without being found if you have no way to signal for help. When you are injured, cold, or tired, it can be difficult or impossible to yell for help.

Our tri-power whistles are an easy and effective way to identify yourself as being in need of help and be found. If you can breathe, you can blow this whistle. Equipped with a textured waffle grip, our whistles are easy to hold on to even with wet, cold, or gloved hands.

Blowing a whistle 3 times is an internationally recognized distress signal. Blow 3 times, wait 30 seconds, and repeat.

Winter sports safety flyer

Winter sports flyer

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