Keeping your employees safe

Our safety whistle is a simple, inexpensive, and durable tool that will increase the safety of your organization. In any work environment, it’s important to have a strong safety structure in place to keep your employees safe in the event of an accident. Many workplaces, including construction sites, mine shafts, oil rigs, chemical labs, and more, contain situations in which employees need to be alerted to hazardous conditions that develop around them or in another area.

The workplace has a spectrum of sounds present at all times and focused workers may not always be paying attention to their surroundings. Therefore, it’s vital to have a signaling device that can cut through all of that noise to alert people that an emergency situation is taking place. The 120-decibel, omnidirectional sound of our whistle will grab the attention of nearby employees and alert them to impending problems or danger. Emergency signaling devices also allow employees who become injured while working alone or hidden from sight to notify others that they are in need of help.

This light, compact whistle can easily attach to any piece of clothing or personal item, and its strong ABS plastics construction will prevent it from being crushed or cracked.

Construction safety flyer

Construction flyer

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